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About ALine

Experts in Microfluidic Product Development

ALine engages clients in product-focused engineering of plastic single-use microfluidic cartridges. Our clients hit key programmatic milestones that energizes the next round of investment through our focus on identifying and eliminating key technical risks. Our toolbox of engineered fluid circuitry components shortens the development process. We focus on early integration of the assay into the consumable with instrument control using off-the-shelf instrumentation. While it’s critical to meet technical milestones, attention to design for manufacture ensures the final product meets commercial price targets. We work with our clients to ensure they make the best technical decisions to support business objectives. Our in-house pilot manufacturing and assembly capabilities are nimble, ensuring seamless scale-up within a few weeks of request. We manufacture in a class 7 cleanroom, managed under our ISO13485 certified quality system.


What can we help you with?

Starting from a napkin sketch, and understanding the science behind your application, we will help you create a microfluidic solution that delivers on all your requirements. ALine's scientific expertise in the physics and chemistry of Microfluidics, and in bioanalytical systems ensures practical, product-oriented solutions.

Our Products

Take a look at our off-the-shelf products! We specialize in Short Pathlength Cuvettes for transmission or fluorescence, Flow Cells with applications in imaging to shear stress analysis, and Cell Culture Products, based on our successful development with NASA, or two chamber Flow Cells with custom membranes to meet your Organ-on-Chip application requirements. Contact us for customized products!

ALine’s Cell Culture Card Flies on NASA’s First GeneSat Space Mission

Partnering with NASA since 2006, ALine supplies the EU: CROPIS program with custom cell culture card to test the effects of weightlessness and radiation on cell growth!

Wanting to learn more about Microfluidic Design, Materials and Cell Culture? Review our Academic Papers and Technical Articles!

What can we help you with?