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Microfluidics is revolutionizing the way we learn about and measure what goes on in the world around us. From water quality and agricultural measurements, to testing our pets, and monitoring our personal health, microfluidics empowers the individual to question, sample, and get results on the spot.

The simpler the product is to use, the harder it is to design and engineer. Microfluidics involves the integration of materials science, biology, and engineering.  Here at ALine, we believe the best microfluidics products result from integrating scientific and engineering expertise from the beginning of the program.

We believe good science and engineering is founded on expert planning and execution to solve critical performance requirements early. We believe moving quickly to integrated assay optimization with semi-automated instrument control addresses critical design and performance requirements with a systems engineering approach, allowing rapid design-build-test iterations.

Our clients count on us to deliver more than a device, they count on us to deliver industry know-how in the development of Lab on a Chip products.


Our facilities house a wide variety of tools to support Rapid Prototyping of microfluidics.

Iterate quickly through the Design-Build-Test Cycle:

  • Engineered Laminates
  • Machining
  • Micro Milling
  • 3D Printing
  • PDMS casting

SMART Laminate

Our SMART laminate technology offers additive and inter-changeable modular microfluidic components with semi-automated instrument control.

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals implement tools and processes that shorten the design-build-test cycle.

We de-risk and shorten the development process.


Off-the-shelf and custom products for a range of applications:

Semi-automated control of your microfluidic device. Ideal for assay optimization.

Instrumentation is modular and supports customization.

Our SMART laminate technology in action

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