We Apply Scientific Principles
to Address Your Engineering Requirements

ALine specializes in microfluidic engineering development using a rapid Design-Build-Test Cycle platform with demonstrated commercial success for Microfluidics-based and Lab-on-a-Chip products.

Throughout our 16 years in business, ALine’s expert engineering solutions allows our customers to move their product quickly from research and development to product transfer and large-scale manufacturing.

ALine’s unique culture of scientific excellence and practical problem solving is realized in the quality and performance of every device we build. We’ve supported thousands of customers build their microfluidic devices, let us help you!

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Our people is what make ALine great! Embedded in ALine’s culture is the integration of cross-disciplinary expertise to identify novel and robust technical solutions that readily scale for volume production. Meet out team!

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Apply your skills, develop new ones, and grow by learning how science and technology are applied to create products. Join our team today!