ALine Delivers Industry Know-How in the Development of Microfluidics Products

Microfluidics is revolutionizing the way we learn about and measure what goes on in the world around us. From water quality and agricultural measurements, to testing our pets, and monitoring our personal health, microfluidics empowers the individual to question, sample, and get results on the spot.  The simpler a microfluidic product is to use, the more thought and care goes into the design and engineering. A key requirement of these microfluidic products is there ability to produce reliable, accurate results over and over again, no matter who the user is.

ALine has the scientific expertise, engineering know-how, and understanding of manufacturing requirements to deliver a robust product solution.  We are experts in the physics and chemistry of microfluidics, with an in depth knowledge in bioanalytical systems integration.


In 2012, ALine was a finalist for the 2012 Innovation Award sponsored by Patrick Soon Shiong and the LA Business Journal.

In 2009, the company was honored as a supplier/partner of Osmetech, the 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award gold winner in the in vitro diagnostics category.


ALine’s facilities include a class 10K cleanroom, gantry CO2 laser cutting systems, 30 ton thermal press, 3D printer, micro milling, lamination automation, robotic pick and place assembly, UV dispense and cure automation. Ultrapure water system, plasma surface treatment, abrasive cleaning.


Includes a video optical comparator and other microscopy equipment, and an in-house instrument platform for fluidic card testing with an interface to LabView.

Contact angle measurements, and peel strength tests can also be performed.

Quality System

ISO 13485:2016 certified, FDA 21 CFR Part 820 compliant.

Applications Lab

Our applications lab is available for clients to work side by side with our engineers to accelerate product development.