ALine is proud to be aligned with the following world-class organizations:

Triple Ring Technologies (TRT) and ALine, Inc. announce a strategic partnership to support clients developing diagnostic products in which a microfluidic consumable is supported with instrument automation. Triple Ring excels at collaborating across disciplines, and combines deep domain expertise with enabling technologies to deliver product solutions for its clients. ALine brings both scientific and engineering expertise to the design and development of microfluidics, offering integrated fluidic solutions that easily scale for volume production. By working together, both ALine and TRT can better support the complex systems integration issues required to develop robust products for the ever-growing diagnostics market.

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Fralock (Division of Lockwood Industries, Inc.) and ALine, Inc. have entered into a strategic alliance to address all phases of microfluidic consumable development. Clients in the Diagnostic and Life Science markets will benefit from access to ALine’s engineering and rapid prototyping capabilities, while having access to Fralock’s manufacturing process engineering expertise, and supply chain management. Offering the two company’s complimentary skills and manufacturing resources enables a wider variety of tools and processes to be considered early in product development, lowering risk at scale-up, while operating in an FDA registered and ISO13485 environment.

UC Irvine, University of Chicago: ALine is part of the Industrial Advisory Board for this National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC). Our mission is to develop design tools and manufacturing technologies for integrated microfludics targeting cost-effective, quick, and easy assessment of the environment, agriculture, and human health. Get involved in this world-class, cutting-edge NSF I/UCRC! Join our organization and reap the many benefits.