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ADEPT – ALine Development Platform

When developing a new microfluidic assay card, it is helpful to be able to rapidly prototype and test design changes. As you fine-tune your application, you want to be able to easily experiment with different rates and timing when you move and mix reagents with the on-board valves and pumps. These on-board pneumatic devices can be reliably controlled with the ALine Development Platform (ADEPT).

ADEPT is a programmable microfluidic controller that can operate up to 16 independent pneumatic valves. ADEPT offers both manual switches and software control with programming from a computer interface.  ADEPT runs the stored programs without being connected to a computer. Mixed use of manual and software control gives you the flexibility you need. Comes with pressure regulators, pressure sensors, and internal pressure and vacuum sources.

June Newsletter Figure 1

The ADEPT controller is a modular system that can be easily expanded to meet user requirements, by adding more valve driver modules.


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