ALine Manufactured: Gatorade and Epicore Biosystems Sweat Patch

Gatorade’s “You Fuel Us, We fuel You” Campaign

The wearable Epicore Sweat Patch aims to harness the biological information in sweat to provide individuals with real-time data to understand their hydration needs.

The “You Fuel Us, We fuel You” Campaign combines the Epicore sensor and mobile tracking app, with a line of Gatorade specific drinks based on what the individual hydration needs are before, during or after work outs. The Epicore senor is a great way to understand your work out hydration needs!

Testimonial from Professional Tennis Player Serena Williams about the Epicore Sensor

“I’ve always been really interested in innovation and technology, so when they first told me about the idea, I thought, ‘My god, if we could really harness the information about our sweat, how it influences our energy, what electrolytes we need exactly to improve performance, it would be crazy,’” says Williams. “Innovation like this is part of the reason athletes like myself can have such long careers.”

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