Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture

We understand the challenges when transferring a product to manufacture. That is why from the very beginning, our team is planning ahead to make sure your product is a manufacturing success.

You can partner with us at any stage of product development. See the advantage of our process where we create a streamline device design ready for mass production.

Our Fundamental DFM Principles

Aline reduce

Reduce Number of Parts

Reducing the number of component parts and materials used can streamline the supply chain along with decreasing the number of manufacturing process steps. Reducing parts without compromising the device requires experience.

Aline streamline

Streamline Controls

Automated controls are specific to your product, being off, even slightly, is not acceptable.  Understanding and implementing these controls without over-complicating the manufacturing process is our specialty.

Use our experience

Use our Experience

We’ve been in the business a long time. We know how to utilize tried-and-true materials, designs and established manufacturing processes to minimize the risk, time and cost for new product development.

Design compatibility

Design Compatibility

When facing new challenges, we make sure the product is aligned with existing manufacturing process. From the outset, this approach allows us to clearly understand the constraints and challenges posed by the transfer to manufacture process.