Custom Microfluidic Design, Fabrication and Application Support

Custom design and fabrication support whether you are a biologist who needs a more reliable microfluidic to test your assay, or a biomedical engineer making home brew devices Send us a drawing or even a schematic or sketch of what you need.

We care about your application and want to ensure we deliver a reliable, easy to use device that moves your experiments forward.

How we work with you:

  • Help you finalize your design to optimize for materials and microfluidic chip fabrication process.
  • Get a sign-off on the final design and a PO
  • Create Fabrication work instructions, document material lot numbers, build batch of 10-15 devices, 100% QC inspection with a test report include in your shipment. Lead time 5-7 business days.
  • You evaluate device for performance, make design change recommendations, report performance improvement needs.
  • We will quote next batch with design modifications as needed. No charge for setting up fabrication file!
  • We’ll support multiple iterations until you are ready for the next step in the development process.
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Microfluidics Custom Prototyping

Proof of Principle to Product Launch

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