Microfluidic SMART Laminate Technology

What is it?

Engineered, proprietary fluidic circuitry solutions

Consisting of:

  • Toolbox of engineered components:  valves, pumps, vents and other membranes
  • Verified actuation routines
  • Highly characterized, robust operation
  • Field-proven & time-tested design rules and material sets – over 13 years in the field
  • Scalable to volume manufacturing

What are the benefits?

On-board control of cartridge fluidics provides ALine customers with:

  • Hassle-free fluidic circuitry that works from the start
  • Precise volumetric metering (< 5% variance)
  • Significantly reduced dead volumes and reagent usage
  • Robust operation: > 30K cycles confirmed @ Customer site
  • High performance with std. low cost roll-to-roll manufacturing processes (no expensive or exotic tooling)
  • Easier path to regulatory approval due to reliable control of fluidic movement and timing to support analytic performance and ensure demonstration of reliability

Allows Customers to focus efforts on assay development  and troubleshooting and not worry about performance variation from fluidic circuitry design and manufacturing process variability.

Assures faster time to market because fluidic circuitry works from initial design implementation with repeatable, robust performance for a wide range of operating requirements.

Works with other Integrated Functional Solutions

  • Incorporate electrodes, membranes, on-board valves & pumps
  • Integrate optical and electro-active sensors; PCBs, silicon and glass
  • Integrate injection molded components and blister packs
  • Reagent deposition
  • Pop-on fluidic components that interface to the SMART laminate

SMART Laminate in Action

Metering -Mixing – Debubbling – Dispensing

Learn How to Implement SMART Laminate Technology in your Application

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