Our Story

We understand the science.

We engineer the solution.

You win the market.

Established in 2003, ALine focused early on developing it’s platform microfluidic technology to enable high quality, rapid prototyping with reliable performance. The processes used for rapid prototyping also scale for volume production. From those beginnings, ALine engineered a tool box of  microfluidic functions and supporting instrumentation to address a range of performance needs for microfluidics-based products.

ALine’s founder, Dr. Leanna Levine, has a unique blend of technical expertise in both bioanalytical science and manufacturing process development. The need for scalable processes for prototyping microfluidic devices was her founding vision. This vision was realized in ALine’s proprietary engineered laminate fabrication platform which informs a set of design rules for microfluidic device design. Embedded in ALine’s culture is the integration of cross-disciplinary expertise to identify novel and robust technical solutions that readily scale for volume production. These skills are essential to solving complex problems in diagnostic or analytical product development while meeting stringent price points for single use products. ALine’s unique culture of scientific excellence and practical problem solving is realized in the quality and performance of every device we build. Combined with fabrication capabilities that support a tightly coupled design-build-test development cycle, ALine delivers not just a device, but industry know-how in product development.

Understanding the fundamental analytical science that drives the development of microfluidics-based products, ALine’s engineered laminate platform delivers the quality and reliability that enables focus on optimizing the assay and moving quickly to system integration.

As our team has grown, our expertise has grown to include physicists and engineers with multidisciplinary expertise including the physics of microfluidics, molecular assay development, fluorescence spectroscopy, micro-porous membrane development and manufacture, high through screening assay development, plate-based immuno-assay development, and laminate microfluidic device design and manufacture.