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At ALine, our sole focus is on accelerating our clients’ development through unparalleled expertise in the design & engineering of microfluidics-based products. We bridge the gap between a research-focused project and a product development program.  This transition is supported by sound science coupled with practical engineering solutions.  We understand the scientific principles of microfluidics, spectroscopy, membrane science, immunoassays, molecular assays, and analytical chemistry so we can ask the right questions to help a new technology make a smooth transition into an engineered product.

Coupled with sound scientific expertise is our manufacturing capability that supports early design development and scale-up. Our company relies on the principles of ISO 9001:2008 to ensure processes and quality control that delivers the highest quality prototype from the first run. We ship only those devices that are 100% compliant with customer contractual requirements and have been subjected to our stringent quality assurance / control verification. Our inspection records are available for customer review​ for all deliverable products. Our typical RMA rate is less than 2% per year.

Over the years, we’ve built capabilities that meet our customers critical needs for reliable devices and designs for manufacture that ensure our customers technical success.

We have created a toolbox of fluidic and instrument components that are well characterized and are quickly integrated to create a semi-automated development tool that allows our clients to optimize their assay. This approach reduces risk by addressing not only fluidic function, but also key risks in integration. We solve those problems early, so the test optimization can achieve the required analytical performance.

The company was founded to address the need for high quality, reproducible microfluidic prototyping to shorten the design-build-test cycle. We have developed a well-characterized engineered laminate fabrication platform, as well as 3D printing, and machining to support rapid design iterations.

Established in 2003 and started in the founder’s garage, ALine is a woman-owned and operated microfluidics engineering, rapid prototyping, and low to mid-volume OEM manufacturing firm that is now housed in 7500 sq.ft. in Los Angeles County, California.

The Analytical Objective

Microfluidics provides a means for miniaturizing an assay workflow and porting it into a small total analytical system that is portable and rugged. The Analytical Objective means the product achieves the sensitivity, dynamic range and limit of detection required for diagnostic application.

Scientific expertise in the physics and chemistry of microfluidics, and an in depth knowledge in bioanalytical systems are required to integrate the materials, biology, and engineering.

While many developers can mold and machine channels with great sophistication, few understand the underlying science which controls the analytical performance.

ALine brings years of experience in scientific disciplines including physics, bio-chemistry, microfluidics, materials science and various engineering disciplines to address all aspects of the microfluidic system.

We deliver not just a device, but industry know-how in product development.

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