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Our technical articles describe and demonstrate the performance of our platform technology. Please use them as a guide to understand how to incorporate important functions such as metering, mixing, pumping, and fluid toggling in our platform technology.

We continue to enhance our capabilities and publish new articles to further support the use of Integrated Polymeric Platform (IPP) to meet your product performance requirements. 

Technical Articles

Developing Diagnostic Products Using Polymer Laminate Technology

  • This paper provides an overview of the platform that is typified by the use a rapid prototyping platform that incorporates a variety of materials to create functional and robust devices. The processes do not require tooling, and can be scaled for high volume roll to roll manufacture. Some case studies are explored.
  • ALine has developed robust cutting, cleaning, and assembly processes that produce high quality functional devices with a turnaround time of one week or less.

Polymer Laminate Cell Culture Card Supports NASA’s Astrobionics Program

  • An early successful application of the fabrication platform was demonstrated with the NASA Astrobionics program. Our approach enabled the successful execution of an autonomous experiment in near earth orbit, demonstrating the robustness of our fabrication technology.
  • On board liquid storage for months, the mechanical stresses of launch, and fluid control in zero gravity. Even under these extreme conditions, our devices performed flawlessly.

Modular Designs for Reproducible Performance of On-Board Pumps

  • Understanding the effects of stack tolerances is important for establishing design rules to ensure optimal performance over a wide range of conditions.

NEW – Valve Performance and Operation

  • This recent paper details the use of different flexible membranes and their effect on valve performance. The use of Spike and Hold pneumatic actuation for long term valve actuation is also detailed. 
  • This article requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to view. Please contact us to request the NDA.

NEW – Metering and Mixing Evaluated in a Test Chip

  • In this paper we combine metering and mixing to demonstrate the effectiveness of a simple bellows to mix two fluid streams that are combined after being metered with on-board pumps. 
  • This article requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to view. Please contact us to request the NDA.

NEW – Effect of Channel Width on Air Bubbles and Strategies for Air Bubble Control

  • In this paper we evaluate the effect of channel width and height and describe optimal dimensions to minimize air bubble formation, as well as describing best strategies for metering and dispensing. We also describe strategies to mitigate air bubbles in our devices, especially during mixing. 
  • This article requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to view. Please contact us to request the NDA.

Company Presentation

Learn more by viewing our engineering presentation that walks you through ALine’s history and capabilities which includes a description of design rules, our tool box of on board functions, a description of our volume production capabilities, and a roadmap for pricing with scale up.

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