Early Stage – Pre-Engineering Integration: functional prototype, but require higher volumes and higher quality devices for data collection.

If you are a biologist and need a more reliable microfluidic to test your assay, or a biomedical engineer making home brew devices, we can take a drawing or even a schematic or sketch of what you need, and turn it into a reliable, easy to use manually operated device that will move your experiments forward.

Over 1-2 weeks, we would provide you with:

  • Up to 3 consulting sessions of 1 to 2 hours each to help you finalize your design to optimize for materials and fabrication
  • Complete mechanical drawing with revision and item list with tolerance specifications
  • Batches of 20 to 100 cartridges for testing
  • After completing testing of the first batch of devices, revisions and/or quotes for higher volume will be provided
  • This stage can continue with multiple iterations until the client is ready for further integration with instrumentation.

Proof of Principle to Product Launch

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