Performance Engineering

Design Rules & Toolbox of Functions

ALine has established a set of design rules and geometries that demonstrate:

  • Metering of volumes between 5 and 25 uL with < 5% variability
  • De-bubbling of rigorously mixed solutions
  • Mixing to increase kinetics of binding
  • On-board valve integration with well-characterized performance
  • On-board peristaltic pumping, with variable pump volumes per cycle

Performance characteristics are supported by a series of technical publications, available through confidential disclosure. Visit the Technical Articles page to learn more.

Integrated Functional Solutions

  • Incorporate electrodes, membranes, on-board valves & pumps
  • Integrate optical and electro-active sensors; PCBs, silicon and glass
  • Integrate injection molded components and blister packs
  • Reagent deposition
  • Pop-on fluidic components that interface to a fluidic ‘motherboard’

Analytical Objective

Microfluidics provides a means for miniaturizing an assay workflow and porting it into a small total analytical system that is portable and rugged.

The Analytical Objective means the product achieves the sensitivity, dynamic range and limit of detection required for diagnostic application.

Scientific expertise in the physics and chemistry of microfluidics, and an in depth knowledge in bioanalytical systems are required to integrate the materials, biology, and engineering.

While many developers can mold and machine channels with great sophistication, few understand the underlying science which controls the analytical performance.

ALine brings years of experience in scientific disciplines including physics, bio-chemistry, microfluidics, materials science and various engineering disciplines to address all aspects of the microfluidic system.

We deliver not just a device, but industry know-how in product development.

Proof of Principle to Product Launch

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